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"GO YOUR WAY" is the new CD release by LiquidIsland and is available for purchase directly from CEI T/A VISUAL PHENOMENA for only $10.00 US. This CD features 14 original songs with words and music by Keith Forman. 2016 performance dates are available to meet your schedule. Contact me personally to discuss this.




You can write to me directly by using the fill-in box at the lower right of this webpage. Simply let me know how many copies of the GO YOUR WAY CD that you wish to purchase and include your email address, of course, and I will email to you an invoice which can be paid securely online via my business verified PayPal account or you can visit my online boutique gallery and virtual design studio at VISUAL PHENOMENA AT SQUARE REGISTER to make your safe, secure online purchase.

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                                         JEFFREY W. PERGAMENT, ARTIST/DESIGNER


CREATED ENVIRONMENTS, INC. is located in Delaware County, PA on S. Oak Avenue in Primos, a walk-about community in the SW suburbs of Philadelphia. VISUAL PHENOMENA FINE ART & DESIGN STUDIO GALLERY also operates at this location, my studio residence and showcase gallery.

CEI umbrellas every other corporate entity I have developed and/or owned and operated through 2011, and is not by any means a successor corporation nor does CEI bear any successor liability for any actions previously undertaken by any other corporate entity or sole proprietorship with which I may have been involved. CEI does offer a very special business and professional network to expedite your permitting, planning, design/project development and/or construction management as a consultant and/or Owner's Representative. CEI will serve as a project GENERAL CONTRACTOR for any design/build or home remodeling project and will accept consultant positions for any design/build project that appears to be a win/win relationship. CEI is licensed to do business in Philadelphia (Business Privilege License #: 449784), Delaware and Maryland as a design/build corporate contractor.

I am here to conduct business, re-introduce myself and present my professional qualifications as an artist, designer and design/build project expert who specializes in the adaptive re-use of existing sites and structures, innovative historic preservation practices and ultra-modern, post-modern, streamline and neo-deco design and retro-design/retro-fit. If you are serious and have a project, idea or plan for development or redevelopment and reconstruction for tangible physical space and property, then please contact me to discuss how CEI can make your dreams incredibly real and fully functional day after day after day in a very cost-effective and design-sensitive application, to keep a smile on your face and integrity in your structural foundations for the created environments in which you live, work and play. That's the real deal; this is my story and I'll stick to it forever. What you read is how it is. I am a very passionate man and my work and past performance have their own clear voices to speak on my behalf relative to my project performance. Please visit these various pages to discover how it works in my life and how you and I may be able to further our lives and business endeavors in a mutually beneficial way. Thank you for your time and attention.

VISUAL PHENOMENA is my legal and registered fictitious name in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and operates as an independent entity within the Full C stock corporate framework of CREATED ENVIRONMENTS, INC. (CEI). 

This web site, it's content and all images are copyright 2016 by Jeffrey W. Pergament and CEI T/A VISUAL PHENOMENA, unless clearly indicated otherwise and all rights are reserved. This web site was last revised on Monday, May 16, 2016.

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